CRBN CC Harness 5 Pack Camo


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Color: CRBN Camo

The CC Harness is the industry’s first sub-compact harness with streamlined rear profile condensed to be 1 pod thinner in surface area than any traditional harness. Harness features minimalist construction to eliminate excess material making it ultra lightweight. Dual size range allows optimal fit for athletes of all sizes. Manufactured with best in class durable nylon and flexible elastic to remain durable yet contour to the body. Patent pending tapered loops and 360° waist adjustment belt focus loadout weight and pod security to withstand extreme athlete movement.

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  • 360° Waist Adjustment
  • Lumbar Compression Foam Pillow
  • Auto Slimming Tapered Pod Loops
  • Breathable Airfoam Backpad
  • Soft Grip Micro Injections
  • Easy clean exterior
  • Dual Left and Right Flyer's
  • Nylon Elastic Capping

Product Care

!IMPORTANT! CC Harness has a sub-compact harness inner belt that fits loose around waist. Tightening outer strap secures harness in place. Optimal tightening is key to enhance comfort and performance. See size range above.

!WARNING! Technical Garment: Machine wash with cold water. Water temperature should not exceed 30° C. Do not tumble dry. Hang dry. Do not iron.