JTUSA Proflexx Paintball Mask (Used)


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The JT ProFlex goggle systems are the ultimate! A Pro’s choice from the start, these systems incorporate the world’s best selling goggle; The Spectra with our world-renowned protection. The state -of-the-art ProFlex mask provides superior face protection using JT’s unique insert molding technology. This gives the player a rigid upper for ultimate protection with a soft lower to conform and move. Add the unequaled soft ear protection, 7Visor and our famous Thermal lens and you’ve got a winning combo. Spectra Thermal fog-resistant performance, comfort, and versatility make these the greatest system on the market.


Lean and mean, the JTUSA ProFlex paintball mask features the Spectra lens system for a wide field of vision and a low-profile mask that protects both the face and neck areas. It has a rigid upper mask area that’s augmented by a flexible lower portion and ear protection area. The ProFlex has an open top and open back design, a removable visor, adjustable nylon stretch lens strap, and adjustable chin strap that clicks to lock. It includes a clear Thermal Spectra lens with a 260-degree field of view, which offers high-performance fog-resistant protection and is recommended for extreme weather conditions where heavy fogging can be a factor. Additional lenses with tinting are also available.

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