Ninja 77 CU SL2 CF Blackout Ultralite NINJA 4.5K Regulator Aluminum Bonnet


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  • 77cu / 4500 PSI Super Lite 2 Carbon Fiber Compressed Air HPA Paintball Tank.
  • 5 Year Hydro Re-testing Cycle: Date stamped on the tank is the date the tank was manufactured, NOT an expiration date. Tanks are good for 5 years after the stamped date, at which point, the tank will need to be re-hydrotested.
  • DOT and TC approved cylinder
  • All compressed air HPA tanks are shipped EMPTY to comply with Department of Transportation laws. Tanks must be filled prior to use. Designed with safety as a top priority.
  • Made in USA – All Ninja Paintball regulators are designed, built, and tested in the USA.
  • Direct USA factory customer service and technical support.
  • One-Year Manufacturer Warranty
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